Apron - Gardening

Not just for gardening. Great for pretty much anywhere you need an apron. Indigo blue denim with a pin-dot striping. Heavy duty tan pockets that won't wear out before you do. 

-12.0 oz. US-milled pin-dot striped denim

-18.0 oz. Scottland-milled khaki bull-denim

-3/4 oz. vegetable leather cross-back shoulder strap + apron shield (removable for washing)

-5x9" top pocket

-8x17" bottom pocket

-42 stitch reinforcing red bartacking at stress points 


Care Instructions: Remove leather neck strap for washing. Wash in cool water with mild detergent. Hang to dry (do not hot-air dry). Iron if necessary. 

*If you're interested in custom apron, call us at 313-626-9216 or email us at apron@detroitdenim.com to learn how easy it is to get your own custom apron.  


$ 125.00