What does sustainable denim even look like?

Sustainability is a BIG word, and one that is often thrown around without a full grasp of what it means. While we don't have all the answers, we do know that the apparel industry needs to change, and soon. To us, sustainability in denim manufacturing falls into three categories: people, planet, and product.


If we've learned anything over the last year, it's that the only thing that really matters are our relationships. We'd be nothing without our team, and we value skilled trade. We believe that the first step of calling a product sustainable is making sure the people who made it are living sustainable lives. That means $15/hour minimum wage, work/life balance, and positive, nurturing relationships that encourage us to be our best selves both inside and outside of the shop.


As makers, we struggle with bringing more stuff into a world that already has plenty of it.

We believe that our made-to-order model, making only what is needed and only when it is needed, can help break the cycle of overproduction and overconsumption caused by speculative manufacturing and FOMO marketing.

We only have one planet and it is finite. It's time to stop pretending that infinite growth is possible or desirable.


Better-made clothes last longer. We design our jeans to get better with age and be with you for the long haul. No shortcuts here. Every detail of our jeans is designed, sourced, and sewn with longevity in mind.

We are committed to transparency in our supply chain and we proudly take responsibility for the garments we make long after they leave our factory.