Selvedge Denim

When you dream of making something great, good enough is not enough. That’s why our jeans are like no other. Detroit Denim jeans are the culmination of Eric Yelsma’s dream. To make uncompromised quality, US-sourced, selvedge jeans in Detroit.

Men's Jeans

  • Denim

    Our denim is sourced from Cone Mills in North Carolina. It is a mid-weight 13.25 oz. red line raw, sanforized selvedge denim, which we’ve selected for its particular color, feel and wear characteristics.

    For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, selvedge denim refers to the finished edge of the woven denim. It has been woven on a traditional mechanical loom which allows for a finished “self-edge.” It’s often recognizable by its white and colored stripe along the edge of the fabric. Raw denim, also called dry denim, is fabric that is unwashed and untreated after it is dyed, which results in a distinct texture. Sanforized denim has been treated after milling with steamed rollers to help limit shrinkage when you wash your jeans.

  • Hardware

    Our buttons are manufactured in the US and are finished in raw copper. Our buttons are made to develop a rich patina that improves with time and wear, just like a penny.

    Our rivets are also made in the US, and are solid copper. They are hand hammered, and used selectively in high stress areas (never in the back).

  • Bar-Tacking

    Used where extra reinforcement is required. 42 stitches per bar-tack. And always in red. This increases durability and means a longer life for the jeans.

  • Back Pockets

    Purposefully asymmetrical with a slightly angled top line, for a balanced visual when worn. Kept simple with no stitching on the back pocket, and positioned and sized to match the proportion and style of the jeans.

  • Hemming

    Always customized for each customer (we default slightly long when in doubt). Chain stitched on our old school Union Special sewing machine. We use a classic, standard half-inch hem.

  • Thread

    All of our thread comes from North Carolina. It is a cotton-wrapped polyester, for its aesthetics and durability. We use a variety of weights and colors, depending on the stitch type and location.

  • Leather

    US sourced, 10 oz. vegetable tanned, hand cut, hand stamped and sewn on with a discrete surprise you may never find. Hand finished with neatsfoot oil. The patch starts as light tan and will develop a rich dark brown patina with age and wear.

The Cuts

Archer Cut Classic Taper Cut Classic Cut Hockey Cut Boxer Cut

When we launched our ready-to-wear jeans in 2010, we offered one style: our Classic cut. And while they worked for a number of customers, we found enough others needed a roomier cut for their more athletic bodies. So six months later, we introduced our Hockey cut. Which was actually designed to fit a professional hockey player.

Today, we offer five distinct cuts, designed to accomodate a wider range of body types, with a fit and feel like no other. They include:

Archer Designed to flatter a slimmer frame. Buy
Classic Taper
Classic Taper A modern take on our classic, with tapered leg. Buy
Classic A timeless design for the average frame and build. Buy
Hockey Designed for a more athletic, muscular build. Buy
Boxer Our roomiest fit: bigger backside and moderate waist. Buy