Japan 220

This is a denim-head’s denim — it’s droolworthy. The electric blue Japanese selvedge denim harks back to the classics with a super precise white selvedge line. We’ve worked in all gold stitching, raw copper hardware, and a classic veggie tan patch to lean into the history of this denim. It’s predecessors would be proud. We purchased all 45 yards available — enough fabric for 12 pairs of jeans.

the details

This sturdy, structured, 12 oz. Japanese selvedge features a masterfully precise 1/16’’ white selvedge line.  The color is a strong electric blue, and the weave is tight with just a hint of yarn variation. This denim is putting out very vintage vibes.  

We make the jean.

you make it yours.

Because each jean is custom made, you get to style it however you’d like.  We think the old-school feel of this fabric is begging for a boot cut (or even a flare - ask and you shall receive).  However you customize them, may we suggest adding a bit of length to your pair - this denim was woven to stack.