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Find Your Fit

One of the best parts of having clothing custom-made for you is the way it fits. Most clothes are designed for imaginary "center-of-the-bell-curve" bodies that don't really exist in real life.

For us, Fit = Size + Shape. Once you've determined the Size and Shape that work best for your body, you've Found Your Fit! Read on to learn more.


There’s no industry standard for sizing, which is why your size can vary so much from brand to brand. With Detroit Denim you can rely on the following measurements:

Men’s Style - waistband measurement + 2.5, rounded up to the nearest whole number

Women’s Style - waistband measurement +4.5, rounded up to the nearest whole number.


We offer the 4 following body shapes:

Slim - designed for bodies with a flatter seat and slimmer legs.

Classic - designed for those who have no trouble finding a great fit "right off the rack."

Athletic - designed for a stockier build through the seat, hip and thigh.

Curvy - designed for those with a larger waist-to-hip ratio.

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A note on "Men's" and "women's" Styles

We’re on a mission to change the fashion industry, and sometimes that means meeting it where it is. We classify our styles as “men’s” and “women’s” based on the criteria below, but our jeans are custom fit for you, however you identify.  We know this language is limiting, and we thank you for bearing with us as we work to shift the industry towards a more inclusive future. 

Men’s Style - more room in the front crotch area, straight waistband, looser fit in seat.

Women’s Style - less room in the front crotch area, curved waistband, tighter fit in seat.

If you're looking for a little from column A and a little from column B, please reach out. That's the beauty of custom jeans - you get to pick what works best for you.