Why We Put Your Name In Your Jeans

Your Detroit Denim custom jeans are as unique as you are, and we like to celebrate this uniqueness by putting your name right on the tag.  They were made for you, after all.  You can even add an optional personal message (we love love LOVE reading these while we're making your jeans).  Why do we believe so strongly in these personal touches?

  • Because it's special, and we can.  Made-to-order clothing means made-just-for-you clothing.  We're able to add personalized touches like your name or a personal message because our entire manufacturing process has been designed around making your jeans just for you.
  • It's the sustainable thing to do.  To us, sustainable fashion starts with having a more meaningful relationship with your clothes.  What's more connective than putting your name in your clothes?  When we build intentional relationships with our jeans, they're more likely to be properly cared for, last longer, and be up-cycled or recycled rather than discarded at their end-of-life.
  • It connects the maker and the consumer.  Every pair of jeans we produce is lovingly made by a group of exceptionally talented craftspeople here in Detroit.  We have a saying on the production floor "make it like you're sewing it for someone you love." Sewing your personalized label onto the front pocket is one of the very first steps to making your jean, and it helps remind us that we're not just making a garment to go sit on some shelf in a store somewhere, but we're making an intentional garment for a real person - you!  We bet you'll be able to feel the extra bit of love we sewed in, just from reading your name. <3

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