Repair Types: What You Need To Know

There are many ways to skin a cat. There are also many ways to repair a jean. Here we discuss a few of the more common methods. 


This is a common method of mending. Darning is done with a special machine that allows the operator to move the material freely. 


This is were you apply the patch on the inside of the jean. It can offer a more aesthetically pleasing repair. It can also be used for helping to reinforce large holes that require darning.


Pretty basic here. A top patch is applied over a hole/tear and secured on with a stitch. 


Means "little stabs" in Japanese. This is a delightful method of hand darning patterns over repairs. Time consuming, but beautiful. 


In the absence of a darning machine, some repairists will use a zigzag stitch to help secure repairs. Effective, but doesn't offer the ability to mend certain harder to reach areas. 


A process of using multiple colors of thread for a repair to help match the tone (warp & weft weave) of worn denim.  


A small tight series of stitches that is use to secure denim together. Often seen around the fly and on belt loops. Requires a specific machine for a proper bar-tack.


When an area becomes threadbare, you can reinforce the area before it tears. This can be done via darning or patching depending on the size, location and severity of the thinned out area. 


A thought or two on home repair:


Those denim iron on patches

Pretty cool to use. Will do in a pinch, but don't tend to last long. Can be used in conjunction with stitching 

Hand sewing

Can be a decent option with the right amount of patience, correct thread and know-how. Most hand repairs don't work well. If you know what you're doing, it is a decent option.

Duct tape

No. Just don't. The adhesive with stay on your jeans forever.


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