How to determine your Franklin Jacket specs

It's here! We have jackets. And we'll do you one better: we have custom jackets. Our Franklin Jacket (named for our last shop on Franklin Street) is back - our take on the timeless chore coat. We can't wait to see how you incorporate it into your wardrobe. 

Just like everything we make, these jackets are made-to-order.  That means you get to customize the fit to your body and taste.  There are four decisions you'll need to make to build your custom jacket:

  • Button Placement
  • Sleeve Length
  • Torso Length
  • Torso Circumference

Determining Button Placement: 

Typically, women's tops and jackets have buttons on the left side, and men's have buttons on the right side.  Also, buttons on the left side are easier for left-handed people to fasten, and buttons on the right side are easier for right-handed people.  Choose whatever works best for you!

Measuring your Sleeve Length: 

Measure from your shoulder point to your wrist.  The end measurement (on or around your wrist bone) should be where you’d like the bottom of the cuffs to hit.  Keep a slight bend in your arm while measuring.

Measuring the Torso Length:

Measure from the bone at the center back of the neck to the spot you'd like your jacket to end, and add two inches.  You can find the center back of your neck by tilting your head forward - you should be able to feel the bump of your first thoracic vertebrae.  This is also the spot where the bottom of the collar sits on collared shirts. 

Where you'd like the jacket to end is up to you.  Be sure to add two inches to your torso length so you have room to move and layer your jacket over other clothes.

Measuring the Torso Circumference:

The fit of this jacket is straight all the way through the torso, so the best way to measure your torso circumference is at your widest part.  This could be your chest, your stomach, or your hips, depending on your body and jacket length.  

Find the widest part of your torso, measure the full circumference of your body at this point, and add four inches. 

Tips for Measuring:

It is possible to measure yourself, but it's always easier (and more accurate!) to have someone help. If you're measuring your own body, stand in front of a mirror, and be sure to stand up straight (keep your chin up - if you’re looking down, you’re not standing up straight).  

Still need assistance? Book a fitting (in-person or virtual) with one of our Fit Experts or drop us a line!

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