How Do I Determine My Jean Size?

Because jean sizing varies from brand to brand, one of the most common questions we get asked is "How do I know my size in Detroit Denim jeans?"  You can either measure your body, or measure a pair of jeans that fit you well in the waistband. 


Measuring Your Body:

Using a measuring tape, stand and measure your waist at the point where your jeans waistband is, as if you were putting on a belt. 


Helpful Tips for Measuring Your Body:

  • Be standing when you take the measurement, and make sure to stand up straight.
  • Don't have a measuring tape*?  You can use a piece of string and then lay the string against a tape measure** the get the accurate measurement.
  • Our jeans are mid-rise, and do not hit at your body's true waist - make sure to measure where your waistband typically hits your body, and not your true waist.



Measuring a Pair of Jeans:

Lay your jeans on a table or the floor.  Measure across the back waistband and double that measurement.


Helpful Tips for Measuring Your Jeans:

  • Make sure your jeans are laying flat.
  • If your jeans have a lot of stretch in them (more than 3%) their flat measurement may not be an accurate waistband measurement - try measuring them on the body instead.

Finding Your Size:

Got a number?  Great! 

For Men's Jean Sizing:

Subtract 2.5 from your measurement, and round up to the nearest whole number.  That's your jean size!

For Women's Jean Sizing:

Subtract 4. from your measurement, and round up to the nearest whole number.  That's your jean size!



*Measuring Tape
**Tape Measure The English Language


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