How Do I Determine My Body Shape?

Detroit Denim offers four different body shapes because we believe exceptional fit is paramount. A great fit starts with exceptional pattern-making.  Like every other part of the custom jeans, we make all of our patterns in house and have spent over a decade dialing them in based on the feedback of real people with real bodies.  These body shapes were designed to accommodate all different builds and proportions, not just the “middle of the bell curve” shapes available in most brands. Read on to learn more about the differences between the shapes we offer.

**Note: we’re talking about body shapes here, not body size - we’ve seen each of these body shapes in alllll different sizes.**



The Slim shape is designed for bodies with a flatter seat and slimmer legs. 

Fitting notes: Slim style solves the common fit issue of "saggy diaper butt,” where you have too much fabric in the seat and upper thighs.  It’s also ideal for bodies with less curvature from waist to hip.



This is our most popular, middle-of-the-bell-curve shape. A great basic fit, our Classic shape is a great one for those transitioning from other popular, widely-available denim brands.

Fitting notes: If you typically don't have fit problems with off-the-shelf jeans, then the Classic shape is for you.


More room through the hip and thigh. Previously referred to as our Hockey Cut, this shape is for a stockier build, with more muscular shaping through the seat, hip and thigh. 

 Fitting notes: If you find that when you buy for the correct waist size, jeans are too tight through the seat and thigh, then our Athletic Shape is your solution. Perfect for bicyclists, hockey players, or anyone who needs a bit more room.



The perfect shape for all those with a wider waist-to-hip ratio and bubble butts. 

Fitting notes: If you commonly find yourself having to go two sizes up to fit your seat & upper thigh, but then cinching in the waist with a belt, then our Curvy style will solve your problems.

Still Need Help?

Determining one's Body Shape can definitely be challenging - but we're here to help! Reach out or book a fitting and one of our experienced Pattern Experts will help you figure out which style will work 


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